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The definition of Vigor:

“Noun: Physical strength and good health. Effort, energy and enthusiasm.”

VIGGOR by Mark Edward G is a clothing label that delivers contemporary styled items, tailored by hand. The methods used to create the pieces in the VIGGOR collection are reminiscent of those from the good old days, where everything was robust, and made to last.

Using only the finest materials, Mark Edward G is meticulous in his creations, with only the perfect items released for sale.

VIGGOR strives to be more than a clothing label, each piece is innovatively crafted to ensure that each wearer not only looks good, but more importantly feels great. Style is an extension of self, and VIGGOR believe that in any one of our items you will live up to your own projection.

Welcome to VIGGOR by Mark Edward G Designs.


About Mark Edward G - The Creator of VIGGOR

Hi everyone! I'm a Sydney based fashion designer, tailor and innovator. I am the sole creator behind all products in the VIGGOR range and I take great pride and passion in my quality handmade goods.

When I was only 12 years old, my inner fire and passion for creation birthed an idea of VIGGOR. Being a young boy I managed to teach myself how to sew on my grandmother’s sewing machine. I was fascinated with leather craft and sewing because it gave me the feeling that the sky is the limit when it comes to my imagination and creating fashion. 

Fast forward to 2009 - I embarked on my fashion journey with the goal to create my own fashion lifestyle brand. 

Having a burning desire to create a label and design clothes while being a “perfectionist”, I decided to spend 3 years studying pattern making and perfecting my tailoring skills for leather garments.

The next stage was sourcing most premium quality leather. Travelling to 5 different countries to asses tanneries and mills, I have refined the tannery process to produce the finest, softest sheep leather made exclusively for my jackets. Combined with a hand picked Italian satin lining, I now had elements and skills to make leather garments that were a cut-above the rest. 

Next came the Edison Belt. While hand making leather belts as a teenager, I discovered an issue with the spacing of the adjustments on standard belts - they were spaced too far apart to achieve the perfect fit. The only known way to resolve this issue was grabbing the closest household utility to punch that in-between size hole and partially destroying the belt in the process. 

This was when I created an exclusive PATENTED innovation to Edison Belts. The Innovation represents a simple mechanism that allows a ½ size adjustment, while maintaining the structural integrity and classic look and feel.

Handmade in our Sydney based factory all our belts are made from high quality, full-grain leather. Edison belts provide you with that perfect fit, day in, day out. The classic belt and pin buckle mechanism dates back to the Iron Age and 3000 years later, I take great pride in revolutionising this ancient accessory.