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The EDISON leather belt By VIGGOR is handmade to order in Australia. We only use high-quality genuine full-grain vegetable tanned leather, made to last you the long haul! 

Made from one solid piece of leather with NO laminations, our belts will NOT tear or fray like other designer belts for sale on the market. 

With strap widths ranging from 25mm, 35mm, 40mm or 1”, 1 3/8”, 1 1/2” and our PATENTED innovation with interchangeable buckle standard, our belts are suitable as a casual belt or dress belt for men or women. 

Order a custom size, Plus Size, XXXL or children’s size. We're able to hand make almost any size as our premium leather belts are handcrafted to order in our Sydney based factory Australia. 

Exclusive to The Edison Belt by VIGGOR is our PATENTED innovation, which houses a simple mechanism that allows a ½ size adjustment. No more discomfort having your belt that little bit too tight or too loose, or grabbing the closest household utility to punch that in-between size on your belt. Our handmade leather belts will provide you with that perfect fit, day in, day out. The classic belt and pin buckle mechanism dates back to the Iron Age and 3000 years later, we take great pride in revolutionising this ancient accessory. 

Today VIGGOR stands for premium apparel and accessories created with love but grounded with intimate detail. VIGGOR is more than just fashion and accessories for women and men. The goal is to make YOU feel comfortable and confident wearing VIGGOR. VIGGOR is here to make you look, feel and BE better. 

Order your premium 100% genuine full-grain leather belt from VIGGOR today.

The last belt you will need to buy for a long while. 

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