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Mark Greenham

15 SEP 2015


 I have been a fan of Mimi Elashiry for a couple of years, I am a fan of her style, and have watched her star grow over that time.
I approached Mimi, with the offer to collaborate with me, to create her very own piece. One where we would combine our creativity to create something special, which I would then personally hand sculpt for her. An item not only for her, but for her fans as well. Mimi didn’t hesitate, and the creative process then was able to commence.
Mimi and I met up over a number of sessions to discuss concepts and sketch ideas ,the vest was one that resonated well with both of us. We established our concept to be built on the classic biker vest foundation, coupled with a contemporary influence, a stylish piece that would not pigeon hole the owner.


The removable hood was the idea that really set the MIMI X VIGGOR apart, and the first in distancing itself from the biker tag. The collaborative process is a timely one, with parts of the vest being tailored up to 6 times, and me at my wits end. In order to make the hood fit properly, we incorporated a high-neck rolled collar, and designed the hood based on this, allowing the fall of the hood to be perfect. Enriched with a unique array of fine detailing; a exposed lapel pocket, a 3 stripe stitch pattern running down the centre hood panel through to the rear yoke and a 3 tab front pocket, just to name a few. 
This is the second collaboration under the VIGGOR banner, combining what I learnt with the Caitlyn Patterson, and Mimi’s industry exposure and influence, this is the most complete item created by VIGGOR to date.

This unique piece captures the VIGGOR essence, and Mimi’s vibrant personality. The removable hood provides the wearer with the choice on how much attitude to show – With it, it’s a contemporary fashion essential. Without it, a classically rebellious piece. The vest is a piece that has been created to empower, engage and separate the wearer from the herd.

Created with all the high quality materials and accessories that VIGGOR is known for, the MIMI X VIGGOR is timeless piece that will be cherished for the ages.